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It's a "Chin Thing!"

As anyone who has ever known a Japanese Chin will tell you, a Chin is  "not like any other dog."  They have a unique personality that is fun-loving yet indpendent, joyous yet serious, loving yet aloof, regal yet goofy, and strong-willed yet overly emotional - and all  at the same time! "How can one dog be all that and not explode from the effort?" you may ask.  Good question!  The answer you will hear a lot around here is "It's a Chin Thing." 

They are almost cat-like in their desire for cleanliness, but can rip through a smelly garbage can or roll in something dead and disgusting in the yard and launch themselves into your arms to "share" the wonderful treat they've just found, firm in the knowledge that you will get as much enjoyment from the experience as they have.  If you are less than appreciative, they may pout, ignore you, or simply find someone else to share the smelly gift with.  They can be deaf to you calling them, but not leave your side if they think you might be doing something interesting - like putting the wet wash in the dryer or getting your glasses from the case.  Usually, you will look down to find what you were looking for and discover the back of your dog's head stuffed in front of you, looking too and wanting to be first.  They will snuggle with you when you are sick, never leave you if you are sad, ignore you if they feel like it and make you feel like you are the most special person in the world every minute of the day.  They are fairy-like and elegant and can make you laugh during your darkest hours.  It's a Chin-Thing!

Japanese Chin don't seem to have the same self-preservation instinct of other dogs, making them sometimes susceptible to physical injury or emotional damage - which is why some breeders will not place their dogs with families with children.  We prefer to educate our owners so that everyone of any age can have the amazing Chin Experience and learn to love this breed as much as we do.  Having one Japanese Chin is usually not sufficient once the first one comes into the home - so be forwarned:  Chin can be likened to potato chips.... You can't seem to have just one.  Once you start - it's hard to stop.  This, too, is a Chin-Thing!

Some Japanese Chin will bark.  Others may never emit anything but a soft sigh their whole lives.  The "Chin WOO" is a known breed characteristic which is just what it sounds like.  They will look at you, throw their heads back and "WOOO." It's not a howl, and is given as a sign of great affection or excitement - or on a Tuesday afternoon if they feel like it.  No one is immune from the site of that flat little face, sparkling eyes, wagging tail and the perfectly round "O" of their little Chin lips as they wholeheartedly celebrate life.  It's a Chin Thing!
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