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Champion Japanese Chin
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The following pages have information relating to Japanese Chin care, health, breeding and general tips for puppy and dog care. Feel free to check out each topic and learn a bit more about this amazing breed.

Any medical tips are only hints and opinions. NEVER make a medical diagnosis yourself unless you are a trained canine medical professional. ALWAYS check with your veterinarian before attempting any diet changes, exercise plan or using any type of supplemenation for your Japanese Chin.
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Our Japanese Chin are "Always Home!"

At Illusion Japanese Chin we understand just how special Japanese Chin are.  We take our responsibilties to our dogs and puppies we breed and sell very seriously. We undestand the life changes and different challenges that anyone might face from time to time.  If - for any reason - you are unable to keep your Illusion Japanese Chin of any age, they are "Always Home" here.  We will accept any dog or puppy of our breeding at any time with no questions asked or reasons needed.  We will make every effort to re-home your pet with another Japanese Chin lover.  Don't take your dog to the shelter, the municipal pound or rescue.  Make sure that you contact us first and we'll help in any way we can to make sure that your faithful friend will have a great life. 

Life is full of changes - but one thing
will always stay the same:
At Illusion Japanese Chin, we care
about our dogs - and it shows.
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Champion Japanese Chin

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