Experienced Japanese Chin Breeder
Experienced Japanese Chin BreederExperienced Japanese Chin BreederExperienced Japanese Chin Breeder
Experienced Japanese Chin Breeder
The Japanese Chin breed is the best-kept secret in the dog world!  Why aren't they the most popular housepet in America?  Anyone who owns a Japanese Chin is amazed at their personalities, their elegance and their fun-loving attitude.  The Japanese Chin is bred for one reason and one reason only: To be the best companion that they can be!

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A Bit About Who We Are

Please view the pictures and pedigrees of our Japanese Chin adults - and then look at their stunning puppies!  We are experienced Japanese Chin Breeders who raise puppies to be excellent pets as well as show prospects.  Early Japanese Chin puppy socialization is particularly important.  Our puppies have been a part of our family from their birth, becoming used to other Japanese Chin, cats, and our other house dogs and family pets.  Household noises, different floorings under their feet, trips in the car and beginning crate training means an Illusion Japanese Chin puppy is coming to you ready to give you a lifetime of love and companionship.

All  of our Japanese Chin puppies are trained to use wee-wee pads for pottying.  These are cleaner and easier to use than a dog litter system.  Your puppy will be familier with using the pee-pads and we will offer suggestions regarding their further training when they reach their new forever-home.

We are experienced International shippers, as our Japanese Chin are being enjoyed and loved in 11 foreign countries to date.  Please contact us for pricing for shipping internationally.  We  will provide all the necessary paperwork, health certificates, vaccinations and transportation needed to ship your puppy to you .  Shipping to most United States destinations is available for $275.00.  International shipping will be priced according to destination, quarantine requirements and vaccination titer test requirements.  We have also shipped our Japanese Chin puppies to Hawaii and will work with you during the purchase process so that everyone can enjoy an Illusion Japanese Chin puppy in the entire 50 United States!

Make your Japanese Chin puppy 
an Illusion Japanese Chin...
You'll be glad you did!
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The Japanese Chin Information Center
The Japanese Information Center is designed to help educate the public about owning a Japanese Chin.

Experienced Japanese Chin Breeders

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In these pages you will find information about all things "Chin." Feel free to browse, surf, peruse or otherwise enjoy the content. Make sure to share our address with a friend or two as well.

Whether you are a novice and just being introduced to the Japanese Chin breed or you are a seasoned show veteran and know just what you are looking for, we will always offer you the best we have. 

If you are looking for a superb pet puppy or your next show prospect, please consider us for your next champion Japanese Chin!
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